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Consultancy specialised in talent seacrch for your company

Talent Recruitment

Comprehensive selection, training and consulting services

At Talentea, we meet the talent needs of our clients, including small and medium-size enterprises and the world’s largest multinational corporations. Our in-depth understanding of workforce trends helps drive performance for your organization

Talentea provides its recruitment and headhunting services inclusively, based on the ESG requirements. We help you find, hire, and retain top talent.

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Selection of professional profiles

Talentea’s recruitment methodology understands how important it is to find the right candidate with not only the right experience, but a professional who also possesses the core values, knowledge, leadership, career goals, and soft skills that align directly with your organization and your company culture.
Our extensive network and candidate pool allows us access to the newest best-equipped leaders to meet your challenges. Our approach includes engaging with our clients from the first brief to the final decision with individually crafted solutions unique to each of our clients.
Our search process involves us looking closely at the candidate’s background, attitude, and cultural fit to make sure that they will confidently fit into your organization’s leadership team.

Headhunters en posiciones C-level

Search for intermediate and managerial profiles with high digital and technological capabilities.
C-Level recruitment can be very draining on time and resources, so leave the hard work to our recruiters. We commit ourselves at every step to find qualified and professionally experienced managers, who lead the digital and green transformation of companies.
We understand that C-level Executive Search plays a strategic role within your organization. We can help you identify the right candidate the competent and proficient leaders for your CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, and CSO positions,

Digital and Sustainability Talent

We are consultants for a green and digital economy transformation. We offer a well-designed assessment to find the right candidate for the green and digital economy. Our team supports organisations on their journey with strategic thinking, planning and passion.
We assess organisations redesigning job descriptions (JDs) for recruits that highlight tasks, values, knowledge, leadership, and soft skills related to sustainability and/or digital transformation.
We help organisations in introducing digital transformation and sustainability to the entire organisational culture.


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