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Innovation, sustainability, digitalization, and talent selection consultancy

Bootcamp, Inn/Sost and Talent Consultancy




of Talent

Innovative solutions for people and companies

TALENTEA offers guidance and assessment for successful change implementation in green and digital business models, motivating professionals in their process of transformation and professional growth.

TALENTEA is committed to people and their ability to change through innovation and methodological creativity. Talentea helps people looking for the best professional environment to develop and enhance the right and necessary skills.

Talent search and

Talentea places the right people in the right place. Our selection process works based on the search and enhancement of profiles and support in the race to find the best-qualified managers.

Green and digital

We help strengthen companies’ competitiveness, promoting growth with our strategic, organization and innovation services, considering technological advances and sustainability criteria.

Bootcamp for professionals
and business

Our training courses in digital disciplines and sustainability boost careers and help companies make the most of the talent and skills of their employees with upskilling and reskilling courses.


“The client is unique, the talent is global”

Digital and Green Business Models

We focus on people, their skills and their training

We promote a change in the organizational culture and encourage continuous learning

We study the implementation of new technologies that maximize business efficiency under the sustainability scope

We redesign the relationship with your stakeholders to maximize existing and potential relationships

Talenting Community

Connecting Talent

Talentea gives visibility to knowledge and innovation projects.

— Our solutions:
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